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Whether SAP, Salesforce or the phone book: with the MS Teams app Contacts by XPhone it doesn't matter where a contact is stored.

All contacts are available directly in Microsoft Teams – whether on the desktop or mobile in the app. And all in seconds, in a flexible free text search.

Your callers are reliably identified on the same basis. Directly in the Microsoft Teams pop-up.

Contacts by XPhone: Ihre Kontaktdaten-Suchmaschine für Microsoft Teams
Contacts by XPhone: Ihre Kontaktdaten-Suchmaschine für Microsoft Teams




Contacts by XPhone offers a flexible free-text search across all connected databases: so you can search in your ERP system, your Outlook folder and the phone book, all at the same time

And it's completely flexible. You can search by name, company or department. Want to be even more specific? Then combine your search terms or exclude certain terms.


Do you answer your mobile when an unknown number calls? Reluctantly, right?

With Contacts you always know who's calling you. Every incoming number is checked. If it's stored in one of your databases, the name is displayed directly in the MS Teams pop-up.

So you can optimally prepare for your call.


With Contacts by XPhone, all communication options are open to you:

  • Start an MS Teams call or chat.
  • Start an MS Teams phone call.
  • Open an email (e.g. in Outlook).

And that's not all by a long shot. If you use a telephone client in parallel with Microsoft Teams, you can flexibly set which application should start your call.

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Do you use Microsoft Teams in the mobile app? Then you certainly won't want to do without your new treasure trove of data when you're on the go. And you don't have to.

Whether on the way to the office or between two customer appointments: with Contacts by XPhone you have all your business contacts to hand no matter where you are.

And no contacts are stored on your smartphone. So data-hungry apps like messenger services are irrelevant.



Microsoft Teams is like a wonderful car – with a pretty empty tank. Because just as every car needs fuel, every communication needs address data.

But: in most cases, contact information is not included in MS Teams, or only incompletely, because it cannot be connected for technical reasons or cannot be saved in MS Teams for privacy reasons.

The solution: with Contacts by XPhone you can turn your car into a rocket. With comprehensive, easily accessible data as fuel.

It doesn't matter where your data is stored. In future you'll be able to find every contact directly in Microsoft Teams. And the emphasis is on FIND. Because with Contacts you can search your data with complete flexibility. Whether by name, company name or department. And also if you want to combine search terms or exclude certain terms.

  • First name/last name
  • Company
  • Department
  • Email address
  • Phone number

Your data is not stored by Microsoft Teams, but on the company server, in compliance with data protection regulations.

Flexible Freitextsuche
Flexible Freitextsuche

Contacts compares incoming MS Teams calls with all connected databases via reverse search. If the number is stored in your CRM or ERP system, for example, the caller's name is automatically displayed natively in Microsoft Teams.*

Unknown callers are finally a thing of the past and you'll always know exactly who is pinging you.

And not only that: with Contacts, the MS Teams journal also displays the name instead of the phone number. Enjoy a clear call history instead of a meaningless jumble of numbers.


* The prerequisite for caller ID is the use of a session border controller (e.g. AudioCodes or anynode).

Even though searching and above all finding is easy with Contacts, you can save yourself the trouble if you want. Simply mark your key communication partners as favourites for quick direct access. Your last contacts are also saved automatically.

Flexible Freitextsuche
Flexible Freitextsuche

In the contact card you can see all important data at a glance. Here you can choose to start an MS Teams chat, video call or – if a corresponding number is stored – a phone call.

Contacts by XPhone - Kontaktkarte
Contacts by XPhone - Kontaktkarte

An MS Teams call is not always enough. But for a "real" phone call you need the appropriate licences. Alternatively, a second client must be used for telephony. And switching between different applications costs nerves and time.

Contacts by XPhone puts an end to switching between MS Teams and the phone. Instead, you can flexibly set which application you want to use for calls. With a click in MS Teams, for example, your PBX client or a third-party application (e.g. XPhone Connect) starts the call.

The application through which the call is to be made simply needs to be entered as the standard application for the tel protocol.

The Contacts app is provided free of charge as a certified application via the Microsoft App Store. Use the "app pinning" function: this makes the app directly visible in the MS Teams client without the user having to do anything.

Nobody wants to reinvent the (permissions) wheel. And you don't have to. The permissions check simply runs via the Microsoft 365 user and group manager or an Active Directory.

"Finally, no more unknown callers. Thanks to Contacts, I know who's calling me and can answer every call optimally prepared." 

ContaCt datA




You can test Contacts by XPhone directly: The app is available in the MS Teams Store with dummy contacts for you to try out.

Open the "Apps" section in Microsoft Teams and search for "Contacts by XPhone".

Install Contacts by XPhone. Completely free of charge and without obligation, of course.

In the app you'll find dummy contacts with which you can test Contacts to your heart's content. Search by first name, last name, department or company. Check the contact options or save contacts as favourites.


What are you waiting for? Turn on the turbo for Microsoft Teams too!

Simply request your personal test account and try out Contacts to your heart's content for 30 days.

Completely free, of course, and guaranteed without obligation.